Making the Twine/Twee theme Sugarcane a little more responsive

Like many people, I’ve been playing around with Twine and twee a little. One thing that bugs me though, is that the otherwise nice clean (and dark) Sugarcane theme (“Story Format”)  kind of breaks when I view it on my phone.

The page is all zoomed out and when zoomed in, the menu obscures the story content.

Therefore I modded the Sugarcane theme a little and made it a little more responsive:

  • I used the viewport meta tag to make better use of the device width.
  • On lower device widths, the sidebar pops under the content and out of the way.
  • Also on lower widths, the menu items are displayed inline.

I also un-minified the CSS, making it easier to customize this format further.

Those were all the fixes I needed, apart from that, no changes have been made.

You can download the Story Format here:

To install it, simply unzip it into you Twine/targets/ directory, keeping the sugarcane_responsive directory included in the zip intact.

In other words: The targets directory now should contain a new directory called “sugarcane_responsive”

Hope anybody finds this useful.


multiplayer pong with color as 2nd axis

I’ve played around a little with and one of those silly ideas I had and made this. It’s basically 2 player pong, but ball and paddles change color and you have to match not only the position of the paddle, but also the color.

Moving your pointing device horizontally will change the color of your paddle.
To perform a smash, try to match the color as closely as possible.

The server code’s a bitch. But it seems, depending on player location the lag varies a lot, so give it a try. :)

Play here

My first attempts with CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is a beautiful language. Javascript can be quite painful. I’m not saying  JS is bad, it just has a few quirks that can really put you off, unless JS is what you do all the time. A while ago, a hacker friend told me he finally had made the transition to coffeescript and was really loving it. So I checked it out and fell in <3. You get pythonesque comprehensions and inheritance that doesn’t keep you scratching your head. As my friend put it “It finally feels like coding.” Please no offence, JS-Gurus, I do have respect for what you’re doing, especially if JS doesn’t confuse you like it confuses me sometimes.

So I went on to make a test project. One thing I always love having an excuse for implementing is Mark V. Shaney, so I made a little Alice V. Shaney, that takes Alice in Wonderland as seed-text:

One week later when I met my friend again, I could proudly say that I had made the transition, too and would use coffeescript from now on, whenever possible, since I really like it.

A few days later I wanted to start a little game protoype in canvas, and naturally I chose coffeescript. Feeling fancy and all, and having no base code in coffeescript yet, the first thing I did was write a little logging & debugging class, and put it on github:

I didn’t start with the game yet, but I’m really looking forward to do more with this cute little beautiful language.

Do check out, where you get a quick introduction plus an interactive code editor that translates your coffeescript to JS while you type. For vim users I can highly recommend vim-coffee-script which doesn’t only let you compile with a simple command, but also offers a split view, just like that on, especially useful for learning.


After Google Play, we’re now on the AppStore!

It already happened in December, but since then I have been struck with extreme fatigue, an ongoing cold, several jobs and a case of holidays, so this announcement is a little late, but here it is:

Karyo is on the AppStore

Why don’t you give the free version with 50 levels a try right away?

Or maybe even get the full version with 1000 levels for a buck!

Karyo is an addictive, original puzzle game based on a most simple but unique mechanic. 1000 levels range from casually tapping blocks to really tough challenges. Ideal for quick games while waiting for the bus or elaborate brain melting sessions.

Karyo is available for iOS and Android

New Trailer

After many moments where I thought I’d go insane – fresh installed computer wasn’t happy at all about codecs, editing etc.. I somehow, under invocation of evil forces, managed to make a new trailer for Karyo:

Super Curiosity

This is my little tribute to Curiosity by 22Cans & Peter Molyneux.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

The Awkward Moment

Those of you who know me may know that I’ve only started to seriously make games about a year ago. You may also know that I still often just try stuff out, without any idea if it’s any good. Somehow sometimes I follow through on something that isn’t really great — all because I’m still in an experimenting stage. Because of that, it feels kind of awkward to put my “games” up here on the site, knowing that these are mainly experiments, not necessarily in mechanic but in implementation, game programming. Nonetheless I have decided to make some of my experiments into somewhat full games and release them, and so I’m putting the best of these up here under ‘games’, while the really experimental stuff goes into ‘experiments’ — still it feels awkward to present all these as my “work”…


EDIT: I just played through my game Flyspeck, and decided it’s worth listing somehow, it’s short, but I still like it. ;)

Back to the WordPress

While I haven’t given up the quest to create a new site from scratch, using python and flask, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress for now, so that I have a site, while knitting the new one.